decor-to-inspire: adirondack chic

You don’t have to wait till next winter to steal an idea or two from the Lake Placid Lodge. We stopped in for a visit last week, and totally fell for the stone walls, plaid fabrics and knotty wood furniture. Handsome, cozy and durable, the style would be great in any sort of den or modern day rec room. Though the historic main building was destroyed in a fire in mid December, the lodge’s lakeside cabins remain unharmed and open for business (at a great discount!). All of the furniture was made by local artisans and designers; we can’t wait to see what they come up with for the design of the rebuilding. We were particularly inspired by the vintage b&w photographs hanging about, all classicly framed in birchwood bark. We bought a a few frames from a shop on main street, and hope the film we shot will recreate the look for us. Stay tuned.

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