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When we first bought our little (650 sq ft) apt., the place was covered in mirrors. A whole wall of them in the living room, a whole wall in the hall. Needless to say, in order to avoid looking like Maude’s-1970s-pad, we took them down immediately. But the fact of the matter is that mirrors can make a small space feel bigger, if used strategically. We recently put up some amazingly cheap ikea mirrors ($4.99 for a pack of four; choose the 7 7/8″ X 7 7/8″ size to see rounded squares) on the inside of the apt’s door. The effect is really playful — we kid ourselves that there’s another room down that way — and lightens up what was a dark entry way. In case you’re wondering, a common glass cutter was used to help them fit around the peep hole. One more tip: use leftover mirrors as trays for tealights (as demonstrated below). Instant party decor. — Angela M.


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very nice!!

what did you use as adhesive?


I really like this – it gives the illusion of french doors!

Angela M.

Hi! The ikea mirrors come with double-sided sticky stuff, but you can find it at any hardware store too…. angela

I love this!

I love the way this looks! I have a tiny apartment so I may just try this.


Yes! I have these in my house too. I have a tiny apartment and put them on the back wall of the dining room (the space is one long big room – living/dining). It really opens up everything. I used the totally square ones from IKEA, not the square/round ones, so I could smush them all together to make a tile/mirror feel. Definitely a quick, cool find.


BRILLIANT! I love, love, love your site and since this was about the 10th entry that I saw and loved, I had to comment. :)