blogwatch: this week in clicking

As you know, we started the week eagerly awaiting the final entries of Apartment Therapy’s Smallest, Coolest Contest, but when the deadline was extended on Tues, the groovy pads just kept on flowing in. It makes us want to move to a new place just so we can start again. (Check out this pocket knife wall!) And with all the comment banter (100+!) it’s enough to make any slow workday pass like a bullet train. Meanwhile, design*sponge keeps up her relentlessly good taste, with many gorgeous design finds like pillows, fabrics and — be still our hearts — a faux bois round up, which then led us to the delightful it’s knot wood. Ahhhh… fake wood makes us very happy. But one can’t live on stuff alone, so we headed to Paris for a quick peek at chocolate and zucchini, but didn’t stay long because the sight of tongue blood sausage didn’t do it for us. Luckily, 101 cookbooks had a mouthwatering all natural thin mint cookie recipe, but that left us wondering why there aren’t any Girl Scouts in our lives. We got in touch with the kid inside over at wee wonderfuls and were immediately comforted by the soft and fuzzy world created Hillary Lang. (Click here for directions on the bunny below).
bunnyfront1.jpg bunnyback.jpg

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Homemade Thin Mints? I am so screwed!
Cant wait to try them out. Thanks for the link!