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Sometimes you need a little pick me up to get you started in the morning, and I don’t know about you, but a piece of toast that says “I LUV U” would do it for me. The quality of this Pop Art toaster from Target may not be stellar, but it’s darn cute, and on sale for $28 — so why not throw caution to the wind. It comes with six “design plates” so you can customize your daily toast for moods (happy), seasons (snowflakes) and special events (birthday). Also available in black and white.

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Wonder if it will work on wheat or rye. Once I finally quit this stupid low-carb craze mama’s gotta ger her one of these. Thanks for the tip!

That is so cute … I wish we had that here …


I think kids would love this. Think about doing french toast with the bread after you’d toasted it and you’d never have trouble getting them to eat breakfast. I’ve seen something similar with mickey mouse heads but I love that you can switch out plates. Can you do different messages on each side?

Actually a much easier and cheaper way is to buy ‘stamps’ where you can imprint the same sort of messages on to the bread. That way you get a whole piece of cooked toast, with the message part being less-cooked (instead of the other way around), and you can just use your normal toaster!