it's spring, let's grow something


Though the first few days of spring have been unseasonably chilly, they haven’t stopped images of perfect picnics, tasty bbq and fresh green sprouts from floating in my head. Luckily, there’s no need to wait for the ground to thaw to get growing; just add water and sun to one of these windowsill herb gardens. Quick Tip: While you wait for signs of sprouting, keep your seedlings moist by covering them with a plastic bag each night. Click to the next page to see four kits that are easy enough even for absent-minded gardeners-in-training. – Erica Policow

The Eggling
Go ahead and crack open this egg, but don’t expect a fuzzy little chick
to pop out. Inside the porous ceramic egg (in a terra cotta tray) is a little plant waiting to hatch. But remember, even though these aren’t real eggshells they are still very delicate and will break if you’re not careful. Your new plant (choose from eight herbs and flowers) will grow for five months in an egg, after which you can plant it in the ground. Click here for more instructions. Buy them at, $9 each.

Garden in a Bag
What could be easier than growing herbs in the package they come in?
With Garden in a Bag you can do just that. These plants grow best if
you keep them in a warm spot (I put mine on top of the fridge) until
signs of the first sprouts, then move them into the sun and don’t
forget to water! Buy them at Nine to choose from, $7.50 each.

Chia Herb Garden
If you’re scared your green thumb is a little brown, try your hand at gardening with the Chia Herb Garden. The failsafe Chia growing sponge makes sprouting herbs in your own home a sure thing — and with six different seed packets in every kit you’ll be seasoning like a chef in no time. Available at Amazon; $15 for four pots, five herbs.


Magic Bean For You

Jack’s got nothing on your beanstalk. This amazing little pod will sprout its own special message; You can choose one with a random message (like “hello”) or one that says “I love you.” Or, get fancy and order a bean with a customized logo or word. Best of all, they will keep on growing and growing for months. Order at, $10 each.

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Hello! Such a fantastic site you have going. I found you via Wee Wonderfuls and I’m bookmarking you right away!

Love your blog. I found it through Wee Wonderfuls. Hope you don’t mind but I would just love to link to you from my blog. Thanks!

I found your site thru wee wonderfuls too. I am loving it already. I even went thru your archives!! :*) I am bookmarking your site!!

Ditto to all of the above. I already blogged about shelterric (or gave you a plug and a link) in my Budget Living lament/altered book rift. I adore the I love you bean..what magic…I wonder if you could customize it to be “will you marry me? would mean several beans i imagine..

ITs been unsesonable cold here too…and incredibly wet so not good gardening weather but I am itching to get out there.

I, too, found you via wee wonderfuls. I love this site…it gives me yet another reason to procrastinate on working! :)

I also found you when I stumbled onto the information at WeeWonderfuls. The eggling is just the sort of thing my wife likes. Now, I can get bragging rights to say I found it before she did! That should last about 3 seconds! LOL