try this at home: hospital track curtain


One of the first things we did before we moved into our one-bed, pre-war apartment, was open up our closet space. Instead of having just normal-sized doors, we had the contractor open up the doorway high as possible, to make use of the storage that went nearly up to the ceiling. The problem is that it’s really hard to make a door that big. For the bedroom, we came up with an inexpensive solution: A hospital curtain track, available at Medical Products Direct for $14. We made the curtain out of a light silk that matched the wall color, lined with a cream gauze. Add grommets to one end, and loop them into the track’s hooks, 10 for $20. Presto — now you see our messy closet — now you don’t. Click through to the next page to see more photos.



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That is just what I am looking for! I want to take down the closet doors in my daughter’s room and hang curtains. The person who designed her closet placed the drawer unit between two of the doors so that she can never open her drawers all the way. This is perfect! Thanks.

i’ve been thinking about using a hospital track to expand an unused space in our bedroom as additional closet space, but i would need to mount it on the ceiling – was it any trouble to install? yous looks terrific!


Where did you get your grommet kit?

pam h

I did something similar in my closets, also cheap, with our old reliable Ikea. I took the 2 sliding doors off the track (they were always falling off anyway, very annoying, and I could never see the whole closet at once between the doors telescoped behind one another) and I installed right on the wood molding a 48-inch steel kitchen rod purchased at ikea (the kind you hang your ladles off, in the kitchen section). On that I hung a cheap canvas curtain, also Ikea (with a pocket, not tabs or hooks), and zip, all done. I think the whole thing cost $30 for 2 4′ wide closets.

Great idea, thanks so much for the tip…digging the new site!


Thank you so much for this! I was pulling my hair out trying to come up with an option to hang a sheer curtain around the bed in my studio and the hospital curtain track worked perfectly. As suggested, I checked out Medical Products Direct but ended up going with a company called Hospital Curtain Solutions (, only because they offer track with a white painted finish that matches my ceiling better. My super hung it for me in about 20 minutes and I couldn’t be happier. Great idea!