real life test kitchen: grilled cheese fest

As if worrying about Easter, Passover, Earth Day, and all those Aries birthdays weren’t enough, I recently discovered that April is National Grilled Cheese Month. I’m not sure on whose authority this celebration was decreed, but far be it from me to let an excuse for melted cheddar pass unnoticed. So, this weekend we had a mini grilled cheese fest at our apartment. Culling a few recipes from Great Grilled Cheese by Laura Werlin, I gathered two loaves of bread (Jewish rye and Italian), three types of cheese (Gouda, sharp cheddar, Camembert), some fixings (red onion, seedless grapes, tomatoes, smoked ham, a Granny Smith apple), and went to town. My favorite was the Dutch Grilled Cheese (above) that featured sautéed red onion, toasted cumin seeds, Gouda and seeded rye. Serve it up with a glass of Pinot, and that’s an afternoon snack worth celebrating. –Angela M.

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Yum!! To the kitchen with me.

Yum! I wish it was Sunday and I could sit in the hammock and have one of these! Gonna have to get that book!

You gotta try good sourdough bread spread with quince paste (you can find it at upscale whole foods places for $$ or hispanic bodegas for pennies. I like La costena brand) then either spanish manchego or a really good cheddar and grill that. YUMMY, but I will try these combos ….your never too old for grilled cheese!

shelterrific » Blog Archive » late-night gourmet: grilled cheese with heirloom tomato and basil

[…] My husband and I work nights — most often until midnight — so when we are home from work, I immediately retreat to the kitchen to make a quick bite. More often than I’d like to admit, it’s cereal or frozen pizza from Trader Joe’s, but the other night, my late-night culinary skills really shone. I had this gorgeous organic heirloom tomato I had to use before it was overripe, so I threw it on some sliced crusty french bread with some grated Italian cheeses (I used a pre-grated Italian four-cheese blend) and some basil from the yard, slapped em on the cast iron skillet, and voila — an amazing late summer supper in less than 10 minutes! The extra-delicious secret was adding a light dusting of cheese to the outside of the bread and then grilling it, which creates a mouth watering browned cheese crust. I’ve been making these ever since, and will continue to until the very last tomatoes of summer are gone! –Megan B. More grilled cheese goodness: big apple grilled cheese, grilled cheese fest […]