new obsession: cast metal doorstops


One of the things I discovered last weekend, when we visited FDR’s house, was a new appreciation of doorstops. Perhaps because we have so few doors to worry about in our place, I had never really thought of them before. But in the historic mansion, each of the rooms had a door that was propped open by a cast iron doorstop. Some were animals, some were little two-dimensional cottages, some were dancing girls. A quick search on eBay shows that these are quite common — especially if you’re looking for one of the canine variety. But this week, while perusing through a weighty pile of mail, I came across this little guy in the Sundance catalog. How cute is he? Made of cast iron brass, I’m sure he could hold his own against the heftiest of doors. Now all we need is a few more of those, and I’ll have a good excuse to buy one of these. –Angela M.

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