new obsession: marimekko tea towels


Is it a spring thing? Lately, I’ve been struck by waves of nostalgia. This happened recently when I checked out Saga Living, a Nordic home accessories shop in my neighborhood that stocks an impressive selection of Marimekko — that beloved Finnish textile and clothing brand that hit it big in the era of flower power. Right away, the bold red and orange floral pattern on the left, Unikko, struck a chord for reasons I couldn’t place. Not quite ready to commit to an entire collection of linens, I walked away with a collection of Op Art tea towels, to add a nice splash of vintage color to my kitchen. When my mother saw them hanging next to the sink, she recalled putting up Marimekko prints in her first house. “You know, I even think that was the pattern on your bedding when you were a kid,” she said. Ah ha! Gotta love seventies flashbacks… —Megan K.

P.S. In case you’re wondering, as I was, a “tea towel” is merely a fancy British term for a dish towel. gets more in depth on the subject: “In 18th century England, a tea towel was a special linen drying cloth used by the mistress of the house to dry her precious and expensive china tea things.”

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My bed spread and pillowcases are just like that and my night lamp, I love it! it just makes my bedroom very lively.

Let me design some stuff and I will take over.. ok just kidding.. but I do have some VERY cool Shower Curtain, Houseware, Watch,Lamp and other product designs ready to be developed further..


i used to be a home manager for anthropologie. they are well known for their tea towels (but how many can you really use?!) so one christmas my mom and i came up with this great idea, super easy and giftable… great for vintage tea towels too..

its a plastic bag holder! sew a draw string seam at top, and a second seam for elastic opening at bottom. sew one seam up long side. voila! hang on cabinet for extra color and a great way to store those ever proliferating grocery sacks.