blogwatch: this week in clicking


Steering through the blogosphere just got a lot easier with the debut of Delightful Blogs. (Thanks to Holly at decor8 for pointing it out). With a lovely, easy-to-navigate design, it’s a blog directory where websites like this here one fit right in. Here’s a tour of some of the offerings you’ll find there: In the home + garden category, Shelterrific is in good company, with sites such as the helpful home improvement blog Charles and Hudson. They offer up useful info like how to install a screen door, or understanding your circuit breaker. Less beneficial is The Junk Food Blog, which despite name, provides a mix of high (gourmet gelato) and low (A & W Root Beer Float ice cream) snacks… yummm. Coolbuzz writes about high-tech gadgets designed to improve your life, though we’re not sure how we feel about this stuffed spy (above) from USB Geek. It’s MyPet Cam ($25) with a nose that will keep an eye on your kid — and babysitter? — while you’re not home. You’ll find a few more familiar friends over in art + design, including Michelle Caplan (cute sprouts!). Before you leave Delightful Blogs, click over to pop culture to peek at The Gallery of the Absurd (gossip fueled artwork). You won’t be able to take your eyes off their Egon Schiele-like portrait of Nicole Richie! Scary!

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Thanks for pointing out the Gallery of the Absurd! Holy moly is all I can say. That portrait is a smidge disturbing. You are right! I can’t look away!

Thank you for hte link. Its an honor to be mentioned on Shelterrific! I heart this blog!!

Actually, that monkey would make a great, unobtrusive baby observation cam, I think