find of the day: crazy cat cocoon


When it comes to furniture designed for cats, I usually think that no matter how clever, how sleek, how cool or how chic it may be, it won’t be good enough for my cat. I mean, how could anything be more welcoming than say, my bright orange Saarinen chair? Or the pillow that I’m using to prop up the laptop right now? But when I spotted this cat cacoon on Velocity Art & Design the other day, I had second thoughts. It is, afterall, made from a material all cats love, corrugated cardboard. They can scratch on it, crawl in it, peek out of it — I smell a hit! Unfortunately, the price is a bit a steep ($290), so I’ll be adding it my wish list rather than purchasing immediately. And from his reclining position next to me on the couch, my cat says he can wait. — Angela M.

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The cat look soooo neat. And it looks like a crab.


Great design but is it original. Have a look at the sculpture by Tracy Luff at this link or go an check out the Ivy Hill Gallery I think the cat cocoon is a little too close to Tracy’s sculpture to be Warren Lieu’s original design. What do you think?