real life test kitchen: tortilla pie


Last night I dug through my recipe file for something easy to cook for dinner, and decided to give our tummies a little fiesta in the shape of a tortilla pie from April 2005 Gourmet. One of their “every day quick kitchen” recipes it really was amazingly simple to make. First, mix the main ingredients — black beans, corn, salsa, tomato sauce, jack cheese, cilantro, scallions and cumin — in a big bowl (above). Then, after quickly grilling a few flour tortillas in a skillet, layer them with the mixture in a baking pan. Bake for about 15 minutes until outer tortilla is crisp and the layers are nicely melted together. The instructions said to slide the whole shebang out of the pan and cut it like a pizza. We attempted to do this (a two person job, for sure!) but it slid around so much it looked like a big mess. Click through to the next page to see the finished dish.


As you can see, tortilla pie is not something that you would serve to impress the fussy, and I can understand why the editors of Gourmet opted to not have a photo accompanying the recipe. Still, all aesthetic shortcomings were forgiven when we dug in for a bite: This is one of the most tasty, no-talent-needed dishes I’ve ever cooked. Imagine what a hit it would be after a few margaritas!

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My husbands going to love this! And just in time for Cinco de Mayo! Thank you! Looks yummy.

I made it for supper tonight!! Delish!