stamps with our approval


Here at Shelterrific, we’re suckers for well-designed stationery and notecards. But after carefully selecting ones that represent our personalities and POVs, slapping a boring stamp on top of them seems unjust. So we were very excited after spotting this Crops of the Americas collection at the Post Office last week. They were created by an artist named Steve Buchanan, from Winsted, CT, using photographs that his wife Rita Buchanan made in the late 70s while reseplaceing agriculture in the Southwest. (Why can’t get images of Fargo’s Marge and Norm Gunderson out of our minds?) The results are pretty enough for framing, but we plan on stocking up on these mini pix of peppers, corn stalks, beans, squashes and sunflowers and using them as a finishing touch for inspired mail.

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Goodness! I first discovered these stamps in Puerto Rico, of all places, but I didn’t know until now that the artist was from Winsted! I work in Winsted! Go, Connecticut!

i LoVE these stamps. I do have to go to the post this morning so i will pick up a booklet. Thanks!

megan k.

I love these!

Very nice stamps! Much more fun that the standard fallback!

I love that you posted this. Instanly I felt validated, like I’m not the only dork out there who loves decorative stamps! :)

By the way, I went NUTS for the Greta Garbo stamps – did you ever see those in person? Really beautiful and they had this great feel to them – very tactile – oh they were lovely. Too bad they aren’t available as .39ers.