wanna lose weight? get smaller bowls


I’ve always admired my mother’s taste in home décor; you could say she has quite the eye for design. So on my recent trip to Boston, I wasn’t too surprised to find the cutest, new mini-bowls in the kitchen cabinet. When my mom heard “oohs” and “ahhs” from the other room she hurried in and gave me her explanation for a seemingly pointless (yet darling) purchase. You see, Mom always goes on a strict “It’s almost time for summer” diet, and yet, she can’t seem to give up her after-dinner bowl of ice cream. She decided to cut her serving size in half, but the slimmed down portion looked downright skimpy in a normal sized bowl. Coming in to save the day: Anthropologie’s Mini-Latte Bowls (4 for $10, anthropologie.com for store locations). The shrunken size is perfect for a “heaping 2-ounce” bowl of ice cream. Now that’s what I call having your ice cream and eating it, too! — Erica P.

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So easy and logical – just get smaller bowls and plates! I also get smaller silverwear … it takes longer to eat that way as well, so you know when you are really full.