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I can’t tell you how long I’ve been thinking about buying a Miele vacuum cleaner. They have an amazing reputation for being well built, long-lasting, lightweight, quiet and, most importantly, GREAT for allergy sufferers. Well, this clogged-head finally bit the pricey bullet on Saturday and laid out nearly $500 for the lovely number you see above. Believe me, it was a not an easy decision, but now that I’ve brought her home I can tell you — it was worth it. I never thought I would get excited about vacuuming, but there really is no comparison between this one and my old, cheap Dirt Devil. What clinched the deal for me was this particular model, a Medivac, was first made for use in nursing homes. This means they come equipped with a special Hepa filter, so clean air spews forth while you vacuum. It also came with at turbo brush attachment that works like a charm on both hardwood floors and shag carpets. Not to mention it’s darn cute, with a little green cross on the front. They’re hard to find (mine was the last model at Gracious Home and was marked down by $200). If you want something similar, I highly recommend the Red Star for around the same price. Have you bought something pricey for your home that is “totally worth it?” We’d love to hear about it!— Angela M.

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Our Miele vacuum cleaner motor died after 2 1/2 years. Contrast that with my mother’s 25 year old Hoover upright.


The most expensive (well, in terms of cost-to-material) item I’ve bought for my home was a lime green “Until Dawn” curtain panel. You know, the design-y laser-cut birds and flowers paper number? It was a relative splurge, but worth it for the joy it brings!

We splurged out and bought an Asko washing machine – a front loader. I love it so much I even named it Sven and pat it after each load. I had no idea how filthy our clothes were until I started washing them in Sven – I realised our old, rather agricultural, top loading monster had just been playing around. Sven really cleans and is well worth the money. What’s more, our water consumption has gone down, so Sven is green too.

Does anyone who has used both know how it compares with the Dyson? Our Dyson DC05 is almost 3 years old and gets used pretty much twice a day so its lacking a bit of oomph now. I’m thinking of replacing it but I’m not sure if I should stay with this brand.

I bought the Miele silver moon vacuum about four years ago and still think it was the best purchase decision I’ve ever made. It’s really quiet, does a fantastic job of getting the long cats hairs off our rugs, and has helped my allergies a lot. I strongly believe that buying better quality means buying less frequently and, in the end, saving money while putting fewing things into landfills. And fortunately quality doesn’t always mean spending more money.


7 years ago we bought a Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress. I daydream about that bed while I’m at work – its so amazingly comfortable. It was the best $1000 I’ve ever spent, hands down.

A few months ago, we bought a Select Comfort mattress (yeah, the sleep number kind). When I say we, I mean my wife. She reseplaceed it, found a wood platform with a finish we both liked, and when the bed arrived, she had it mostly assembled before I got home.

I was skeptical, but it has definitely helped my intermittent backaches. We also moved up from queen- to king-size. There were a number of options that we declined, so we don’t have the digital readout or memory pre-sets or the foam top.

Given that we were already on the hook for a new mattress and probably box spring, it was definitely worth it.

I see someone already beat me to listing their Asko washer & dryer! :-) I got my Asko 10505 washer & 9005 dryer in 1999. The pair was $1500, marked down because they were floor models. They’re worth the cost, too. Washing a load of clothes on six gallons of water is fantastic. And the 205-degree “hot wash” gets dish towels and other linens so clean it’s scary.

I also splurged and bought an entire set of Henckels Five-Star Professional knives once upon a time. At $500 for six knives, I wondered about my own sanity. But they were worth every penny! A good knife saves TONS of time in the kitchen because you don’t have to work so hard at chopping things up.

I have a similar love for the workhorse Electrolux vacuums, like the Legacy. I purchased the snazzy new-ish Electrolux Pronto Stick Vac (about $80 on Amazon). I love it for its convenience (it charges upright in a little base), and works really well for all the pet fur on my hardwood and tile floors. Like most stick vacs, it doesn’t really do that well on carpets.

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Hey Ash, I would definitly get rid of that Dyson for something better but wouldnt recomend a Miele. You can get alot better for alot cheaper, look into a sanitaire system pro, or lindhaus aria.


Sanitaire is just Eureka, as is Electolux (in the US).

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Through a particulate analysis on YouTube, I show how well the Miele vacuum works and truly traps the dust. My findings prove that the Miele Vacuum is completely sealed and really is HEPA.

Miele Vacuum Video As Featured on ABC 7 News

You can see from this video that the Miele will trap all of the particles in a cloth like bag that self-seals on its way out and you are actually purifying the air in your house by vacuuming! The filtration is 99.95% effective at 0.3 microns which is amazing. Thanks to its HEPA filter and super intensive clean bags the vacuum is able to achieve this kind of filtration.

Also check-out my blog called Consumer Reporter – a vehicle to educate consumers about the vacuum and air purification market.

If you appreciate the information I provide on Miele vacuum cleaners via You Tube and my blog, please support my on-line store, KillDirt.You’ll get free shipping and no tax (as long as you do not live in New Jersey). We will be sure to make your shopping experience a pleasant one


With Miele you are purchasing more than a vacuum cleaner. This machine has helped control my allergies and is a great site to purchase the Miele dustbags and filters. The site has a feature that clearly displays which Miele accessories to purchase based on your Miele model. Plus FREE SHIPPING on purchases over $60!!

First of all hello to everyone out there . My thoughts on the miele are that they are great machines I have one and if you have the Capicorn model then you truly can experience the MIELE. Thnaks fo reading

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Miele makes the most durable, best-engineered vacuum on the consumer market. Period. Use a HEPA filter and you’ll make the most of your purchase. My one complaint is that they have too many models — it can be confusing.