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On the eve of Mother’s Day, we have to give a shout-out to the Mom Blogs. As a new(ish), but growing-on-veteran Mom, here are some of my faves:

In the crafty-moms world, I make sure to check in with Little Birds and Angry Chicken. (Why do these seem to go together so well?) And for new-mom knit-inspiration, see Anny Purls. A more recent find is Soule Mama.

When it comes to baby gear, I try to strike out on my own and away from the chain stores. For reference, I love Cool Mom Picks and Baby Chic 101. (My dearest friend swears by Mod Mom.)

Neurotic and post-neurotic moms abound in the blogosphere. With them comes advice, insight and heaps of anecdotal “mommy-hood.” Take what you need, and leave the rest. The Queen of this castle is Dooce. A NYer (now a recent NJersey-er) with a similar slant is FinSlippy. For the masculine take, see: Daddy Types. Meanwhile, the masses rant and rave and rage at UrbanBaby (which can actually be a great resource at times; depends on the messageboard mix).

My favorite, and most-regulary-visited? I should quake with embarassment…. It’s Celebrity Baby Blog (where this picture of Chris & Apple Martin is from). I love seeing the celeb-caliber baby gear, doing a compare/contrast on what my kid’s got, and just having a look at the celebrity baby names and news. Is that so wrong? –Beth J.

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Thanks for the plug for cool mom picks…and glad to have found this place! We might just have to write up those condom jars. It’s the perfect pick for moms hoping not to be moms again quite so soon.

hi beth j!
thank you (+ your dearest friend)
very much for including me in your mommy blog blogwatch!
i’m so honored!
(i’m also glad not to be in the neurotic category, haha)