new mom gift idea: couture baby kicks


Baby needs a new pair of shoes! Problem is, I don’t actually have a baby (yet). But my pal Laura does. So rather than give her Henry another onesie, I thought I’d bestow upon him something a million times more sacred (in the world of fashion, that is): his first “kicks.”

Of course not any pair will do for a half-pint hipster. Here are my three faves: funky trainers from Jack & Lily (left, $26 at; crocheted cowboy booties from Mahar Drygoods (center, $24 at; and adorable animal creations from Robeez (right $26 at Too cute for words, right? Just like your (or I guess in this case, her) little one. —Megan K.

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Mekea Duffy

So adorable…being a soon to be mother myself, looking at the options makes me excited!

Beth J.

Baby shoes are one of the most fun things to buy. From a practical standpoint, babies learn to walk best in bare feet. But from a shopping-can-be-fun standpoint, I was forever admiring the baby Pumas for my little one.


Henry loves his doggie shoes! Ok, to be fair, his feet are still a bit too small to keep these on. But come 6 months, he’s wearing them everywhere. For now, he admires them on the shelf. And for a new mom– the only things more fun than your own new shoes once your non-pregnant feet magically reappear are baby’s shoes!

I have to really applaud Robeez. I got them for my son when he was old enough to stand as they really help develop the arches in the feet. Every mom I’ve given them to as gifts has fallen head over heels in love with them. They was wonderfully, hold up amazingly, and look SO darn cute!