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A few months ago, while up in the Adirondacks on vacation, we came across a beautiful mirror in a local crafts shop. Its frame was covered in pine cones, which looked like rustic roses and gave it a romantic vibe. Naturally, it was also silly expensive. So we asked Shelterrific’s handy craftster, Erica P., if she’d want to take a stab at recreating the look. And as you can see from the results (above), she upped Mother Nature with her own ingenuity. Here’s how she did it:

All you’ll need for this project is a mirror (this one came from a junk shop upstate), pine cones of varying sizes (if you can’t collect enough, buy them in bulk at, a glue gun (like this one from Michael’s), and a can of spray paint (I used Krylon Satin Finish in Burgundy). Carefully cover the glass with a piece of newspaper and masking tape. Then using the glue gun, attach the pine cones around the mirror’s edge. Next, spray paint the mirror, applying several coats and spraying from all angles. Finally, hang your mirror, step back and admire. — Erica P.

Want to make this mirror your own? It’s up for auction. Email here to place a bid.

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Why not lay out the pinecones and spray them first, then glue? That’s what I would do.

The only concern I’d have is that the glue would stick to the paint, not the cones, and the cones might fall off. Is that why they were glued first, then painted?

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I guess it takes less time, because you would have to let the pinecones dry first and then glue them? Might as well get it all done at once

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