gifts for grads: wise owl spotting


I’m not sure if it’s all the caps-n-gowns walking around my Columbia U-neighborhood, or the bus billboards advertising that new movie Hoot, but I’ve been noticing a lot of owls out there lately. A little more sturdy than those trendy sparrows, they’ve also been popping up on some of my favorite design sites. For starters, offers up this softy from Gourmet Amigurumi, $32. For the nightowl on the prowl for small mammals, this owl necklace, $20, from Day-Lab, will do the trick. Nelson’s classic owl clock, $120, at Twenty Twenty One will keep you perky around the clock. On the bottom row, this denim owl pillow, $62, from Doe-Sf is perfect for that reading chair. Unica Home has a few of these lovely glass owls to choose from; I like this barn owl, $132. And finally, just in case your nightvision isn’t quite as adept as an owl’s, turn on this happy owl green nightlite, $45, from Mahardry Goods. Be sure to tell them all whooooooo sent you! — Angela M.

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i love owls! thanks for sharing.

I have some vintage owls on my site as well.

I don’t own anything shown except the green owl nightlight from happy owl glassworks and I LOVE IT. If anyone is reading this, and wondering if they should pick one up or not, DO IT! :)

It’s sooo cute and not in the least bit immature – you can rock it in your hip urban apartment even if you don’t have kids or aren’t under the age of 25.

What a sweet post – like it a lot!!!


My friend Recently sent me a big owl tote bag and necklace. That symbol seems to be cropping up everywhere from deer to owls..what woodland creature is next….the opossum

Yeah! for Happy Owl Glass, I have a little deer necklace they made and adore it. Oh and you might check out all the fun owl stuff we have at Naughty Secretary Club some time. Owls do seem to be hot-hot-hot right now.