wish i was there: jackson hole’s elk auction


If I could telekinetically transport myself anywhere this weekend, May 20th and 21st, it would be to Jackson Hole, WY for the annual Boy Scout Elk Antler Auction. Every year, after the long winter’s snows have melted, local scouts comb over the land surrounding JH, home to the Grand Tetons and the Southern corner of Yellowstone. They harvest naturally shed antlers (a seasonal ritual for elk) and then sell them off to buyers from around the globe. A handy person could whip together a spiffy wall mount or an antler chandelier for a fraction of what they cost in stores. Jackson is just about the most beautiful place I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting, and with all those spring wildflowers in bloom, I bet this pre-peak weekend is the perfect time to be there. Whaddya say we coordinate a Shelterrific field trip there in 2007? — Angela M.

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this is very weird and awesome! i wonder how much they go for. . thanks for the story!

I had no idea antlers were shed! Very interesting! Thanks for the post!

I’ll go! Sign me up! Seriously!