fun wedding favors: baby buddhas


We just got back from a lovely weekend in Los Angeles, highlighted by our dear friend M’s wedding to luckyman G. We’re a little jet lagged, but still wowed by the event that was somehow both classicly elegant as well as relaxed and modern. Perhaps it was the little Buddha we found waiting for us at our place setting, the best wedding favor we’ve taken home with us, ever. We’re convinced that this one, above, is holding a hair dryer. We dub him the Buddha of Blow Outs. You can find similar figurines at Big Happy Buddha, $16 for six. What is the best wedding favor you’ve ever received? We’d love to know! — Angela M. & Allison R.

From our partners

I have to give kudos to my SIL for doing our wedding favors. They were simple, but appreciated by many. She did a simple votive candle at each place setting, but wrapped in chartruese vellum (our main color), tied with raffie and stamped with acorns and oak leaves (our theme).

But the big hit was the basket of catnip envelopes, supposedly from our blended cat family. We didn’t even get any! Everyone that had a cat, or knew someone with a cat, took one. (They were stamped with the acorn motif too).

Honestly, I haven’t been to many weddings that did favors. I can only think of a couple – one did Godiva medallions (yummy, but gone so quickly), and I don’t remember what the other did.

Ack. Should proofread first. RAFFIA, not raffie.


Mom-made fudge sauce, yum.


We gave little paper bags of candied chickpeas (they are yummy, don’t laugh! plus they went with our middle eastern buffet served in an Alaskan mining town) tied with a bookmark with dandelions on it.

I figured people could use the bookmark if they wanted or throw it out, and who doens’t love candy (even if it does contain a garbonzo bean inside)


Friends of ours married at one of their parent’s Santa Ynez ranch. She’s a very talented floral designer, so the event looked like it could have been a feature in a lifestyle magazine. They gave everyone a horseshoe wrapped in an adorable burlap bag tied with a grass green ribbon with a little card attached that said “happy trails”. Lovely ranch/country wedding theme and the perfect good luck symbol, don’t you think?

Anne (in Reno)

The first wedding I ever went to we got cheesy commemorative bells. The most recent one had a table o’ candy where you could fill up a bag (grosser than it sounds, bleah for massive amounts of communal candy). Mine? We used potted flowers as centerpieces and sent them home with whoever wanted to adopt ’em. I am a big fan of not feeling obligated to take crap home if I don’t want it and would never know what to do with it. That said, if you look on Orangette’s blog she is putting together little packets of her favorite recipes tied with a matching ribbon and that would be an AWESOME favor. A good friend of mine had personalized kazoos as her favors and while appropriate for the couple, what the hell do you do with a personalized kazoo? Other than toss it and feel guilty, I mean.