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Perhaps I am becoming too much of a design geek, because I just got home from seeing The Lake House (overall a sappy, yet sweet and enjoyable film if you’re in the right mood) and had to confirm something. I was positive that I recognized the pillows in Sandra Bullock’s bedroom. After re-watching the trailer, I was able to confirm, yes, those are pillows from Klein Reid, including Gladys ($125, left) and Rody ($120, right). If you’re a doctor, like Sandy is in the film, the hefty price won’t hurt, and I can tell you from seeing them in person that they are pretty enough for the big screen. Available at — Angela M.

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I’d like to see The Lake House. I’ll be watching for those pillows when I do. When I saw The Break-up this weekend, I fell in love with the couch featured in that film (and like a true design geek, posted about it).

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[…] In honor of the biggest TV-event of the year, the Academy Awards on Sunday night, we want to take a moment to ponder the merging of our two favorite subjects: decor and the movies! Sometimes our love of interior design can even get in the way of enjoying a film (remember those pillows in the Lake House?) but more often than not, we’re just inspired. Take for example, the house where Curtis (Jamie Fox) and Deena (Beyonce) live in near the end of the Dreamgirls. Who could be angry when you’re dining at a gorgeous Lucite table? We’d probably feel more comfy at the wood-paneled home seen in Little Miss Sunshine. So what about you? What’s your favorite movie home? You know, the house you’ve seen on the big screen that you wish was yours, or that at least could be yours for a night or two? […]

Would like to decorate my house like Iris’s cottage in the movie the holiday. Would like pictures of the interior of the rooms and where I could purchase the furniture.



I’ve been wanting to write a book on interior design in film and television. I wonder if this is a subject that would have a large enough audience. I guess I could start a blog, post photos from various movies and ask readers if they would post any sources for items similar to the set….

I don’t understand why more writers haven’t done this already….maybe they have and I haven’t found them! ;) I started thinking about it while watching the Sex and the City series.

Thanks for the source for The Lake House pillows! When I saw it, I knew I’d seen them before but just couldn’t place them.

I’m watching M for Murder right now I’ve been seplaceing for aqua/blue porcelain lamps and the ones in the film would be perfect! It’s a great film for anyone interested in interior design. It’s a 1954 film and you and watch A Perfect Murder which is the updated version of the Hitchcock classic. The sets are also gorgeous!

Ahh… one of my favorite movie home decor is Practical Magic. Check out the aunts’ house both inside and out. For photos: