my bedroom needs a pretty cork board — help!


Serene blues and whites are supposed to be good bedroom hues, but I prefer as much color as possible. So, in a flurry of room-redecorating activity, I painted one wall brown and bought a loud orange silk coverlet from Layla, a Brooklyn shop with beautiful silk and cotton bed linens from India. Silk is a high-maintenance bedcovering—spill water on it, and it’s likely ruined forever—so I added a striped throw from Target to keep at least half of the bedspread protected. My latest project: I’d like to stretch a scrap of bright-pink toile over cork board to make a bulletin board. Does anyone know how to do this? Do I need to buy a staple gun, or would it be smartest to get someone at an art-supply store to do it for me? Many thanks! — Bunny W.

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