my bedroom needs a pretty cork board — help!


Serene blues and whites are supposed to be good bedroom hues, but I prefer as much color as possible. So, in a flurry of room-redecorating activity, I painted one wall brown and bought a loud orange silk coverlet from Layla, a Brooklyn shop with beautiful silk and cotton bed linens from India. Silk is a high-maintenance bedcovering—spill water on it, and it’s likely ruined forever—so I added a striped throw from Target to keep at least half of the bedspread protected. My latest project: I’d like to stretch a scrap of bright-pink toile over cork board to make a bulletin board. Does anyone know how to do this? Do I need to buy a staple gun, or would it be smartest to get someone at an art-supply store to do it for me? Many thanks! — Bunny W.

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Love the color combinations in your room! Do you have any more views of the space? Your room is inspiring me to bump up the color in mine.

I also need a corkboard for my room. I want to hang a large one that can be full of photos I clip for inspiration, and I also don’t want it to be normal brown cork-colored. I am NOT craftly, and the idea of using a staple gun scares me! Any suggestions where I can buy an alternative cork board?


Real Simple had an article this month showing a bulletin board made out of Flor carpet tiles. Just measure the space and order the tiles and stick them to the wall.


This is the easiest thing in the world- All you need is a staplegun and to PJ, believe me, it really is not that scary. You can get a mini one at home depot for less than $20 and I think you’ll find that once you have it, it will come in handy more often than you think.

I wanted the same thing for my home, to do a collage board of photographs. Go to your local art store or staples get a piece of 1/2″ thick foam core. This stuff is great because it comes in all kinds of sizes or you can cut it to any size you want and its cheap! Next, pick out the fabric you want to you use and using your handy staple gun wrap the foam core and start stapling! Voila! It took me about 6 minutes- including hanging it on the wall, which is also easy because foam core is so light, a bonus to renters with crappy walls

Have fun and good luck!


No need for a staple gun. I’ve made several by taping the fabric to the back of the cork board with masking or duct tape. No one sees the back so it doesn’t matter what it looks like!


It’s easy to make a fabric covered bulletin board! Do not fear the staple gun!

For mine, I used a piece of cellulose wallboard (it was cheap) but you could also use accoustical tiles that are for dropped ceilings. You just stretch your fabric over your board, stapling as you go. It might be helpful to have an extra set of hands to help you stretch the fabric.

the first time I did this I didn’t have a staple gun and used my staple hammer! (talk about scary, I thought I was going to smack my hand.)

Don’t be afraid of tools –

Stretching a wallboard is simple. Lay your fabric face down, with your board on top of it, also face down. If there’s a pattern to your fabric, try to make it straight (or crooked enough to seem intentional). Start by wrapping the fabric onto the back and stapling down the center of the four sides, creating a cross-pattern. Remember to pull it a little tight as you go. Then, slowly work evenly around the four sides from each center towards the corners (staple left and right of the center staple on each pass, moving out every couple of inches or so, until just the corners are left). Finally, fold your corners over like hospital-bed corners, and finish it off.

HINT: If you pay close attention to the weave, you can see if you’re pulling at each staple with the same tension.

Also – buy a simple, cheap staple-gun at any art supply store, or maybe even drug- or corner-store. Stapling into wallboard, cork, or homasote (great for this) is an easy task, and heavy-duty tools are not needed.

By the way – hanging it may be tricky. If it were me, I’d be grommeting it and drilling through from the front to hold it up – but I really like the industrial feel of things – Be conscious of how heavy your surface is and how you will be attaching it to the wall before you buy – talk to the folks at your hardware store on recommendations for hanging….

i’ve always enjoyed this martha stewart creation, which involves both fabric and ribbon:


I want to do this too for my daughter’s room! Found this at diynetwork:,2041,DIY_14021_2269939,00.html

Love your site!

I’ve done this a couple of different ways–I’ve bought square ceiling tiles and self-adhesive cork and sandwiched them together, and I’ve bought premade cork bulletin boards (the kind from home stores that have very cheap, flimsy frames), taken the frames off, and cut them to the size and shape with an Xacto knife. Either one works well, but I prefer the cut-up bulletin board method, because ceiling tiles have these tongue-in-groove projections you have to trim off, and the fibers get everywhere.

There are great directions here for stapling on the fabric, so I’ll just add–don’t pick a super-fine fabric, and look for tacks with slender, smooth pins. Those raggedy tacks will leave holes in your fabric. I sometimes use regular sewing pins in mine.

I’m not sure how durable foam-core board would be–if you don’t change what’s on your bulletin board very much it will probably be okay, but cork has the advantage of being self-sealing. Enough tacks in and out of foam-core board and you’ll eventually perforate it to death.

For hanging, I’m very fond of “command adhesive” velcro. Stick the hook side to the wall and then staple the fur strips to the back of the bulletin board. Have fun!

I’ve used cardboard before, which is great for making really big boards, cheaply—same idea, use a staple gun.

I also added batting between the fabric and the cardboard, so any pins would create a dimple and make the board look quilted. Then I tossed two grommets on top (that was the hard part – cutting a little circle out of so many layers), and hung it on two small hooks.

i just orderd the FLOR tiles to do the carpet bulletin board project that was in Blueprint and can let you know how that works. seems smart and hopefully will be as cute as in the picture (june 26th post):

i also love the idea that Jeanne posted from the DIY Network – would be great for hanging necklaces and earrings in a really pretty way in the bedroom. a designer friend once made a really inexpensive headboard basically using this same technique (except with plywood of course) and one of the jewelry designers at the boutique EDGE here in new york did a similar thing to display her necklaces – looks really pretty!