our favorite fridge: lg's tall & skinny beauty


Arianne Cohen recently bought herself a spanky new fridge, which turns out to be the same one that Angela M. owns and adores: LG’s tall and skinny beauty. In celebration of the joy it brings her, Arianne shares with you a personal note to her lovely appliance.

Dear LG LRBP1031,

Let me tell you why I love you.

You are the most-opened door in the house, which means that you better be well designed. And, oh sweetness, you are. You are a tip-topper at 67″, and your refrigerator is on top, just like my head, which means that when I open you looking for coffee creamer at 6am, there is no cranky squatting-and-digging through the shelves. The creamer is staring me in the face, in its permanent spot. In the evenings, when I glimpse that that spot is empty, I see that and buy more, thus avoiding my previous common it’s-6am-and-I-dont-have-any-creamer panics. Ah, the joy.

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Technically, you are smaller than my previous refrigerator. You are a mere 10 cubic feet. However, the back corners of my old refrigerator were either moldy or empty, because I could not reach them. Your shelves offer a space for everything–butter, eggs, milk, vegetables, meat–thereby decreasing the Random Other Foods that clogged my previous fridge. And thanks to the natural organization system that your shelves dictate, I don’t forget about leftovers, because I can see them. Sometimes I even eat fruit and vegetables, because when I open your beautiful doors, colorful fruits pop out at me through your clear drawers.

And the freezer. The freezer! It has drawers! The top thin drawer is an ice tray, resulting in my actually having ice for visitors. The rest is three equally-sized drawers. Think of the organizational opportunities! One drawer keeps meats and meals, one drawer keeps vegetables and juice, and one drawer keeps everything else. I am no longer afraid to open you for fear of things falling out. Opening you is a pleasure.

And most importantly, you are quiet, low-energy, and a mere 24″ wide. For those of us living in Manhattan with a 25″ fridge lot, you are love at first sight. Were I to go on vacation, I could press your “vacation” button, for lower energy usage. This hasn’t happened yet, but I do look forward to that beautiful sunny day.

Cool softly sweetums,

Arianne C.

To learn more about the LG LRBP1031, that actually lives in not one but TWO Shelterrific households, click here.

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