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Have you guys clicked around yet? I have peeked in the front door a couple of times, but always felt a little overwhelmed with the sheer number of blogs being channeled through there. My biggest complaint is that most of them have no photos, but last night I lingered a little longer and found some gems. The Titus House blog from Scottsdale, AZ is adorable (be sure to click through the archives to appreciate its progress). I immediately felt comfortable at David and Christiane’s Erwin House, thanks to an Ikea kitchen in construction. The window trim photo above is from their site. Grassroots Modern mixes product recommendations with reno updates. Mies and Carrots is a gorgeous look at a modernist home, with some great finds as well. And this one, Tales From The Box, is from Warrimoo, Australia. It’s about a couple’s journey updating a 1950s beach house. Talk about vicarious surfing! — Angela M.

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My favorites are The Petch House ( because he’s built a lot of his own cabinetry with reclaimed wood and he’s pretty funny about it (check the archives), and House in Progress ( for their general high-quality writing and frequent pictures. Also the Home Improvement Ninja ( can be occasionally hilarious.

Thanks for stopping by! (And, Joan, thank you for the sweet compliment!) We’re working on new features for that would allow readers to sort the blog feed in different ways (such as style of house, etc.) If you have any requests for sorting, please let us know. Aaron programs that site in his spare time, but we’re hoping to have those features available soon.

There are some fun ways to sort the blogs and explore. In the upper right hand corner of the front page is a box with the link to “View All 286”. I like to sort by Newest, Oldest and Most Viewed. We also have a “map” link that allows you to surf blogs from different parts of the world. And, finally, the houseblogs seplace feature lets you enter a term (such as “kitchen” or “mess”) and it will pull up all blog entries that reference that word.

Another thing we hope to do is to allow readers to slightly customize the front page and mark their favorite blogs. Ah, if we only had 30 hours in a day! But we’re getting there.

(btw, LOVED the link to Canvas on Demand. And I noticed you were looking for new drink ideas…have you checked out the site?)

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jm – I meant to say that I also liked House in Progress because you guys do That’s an amazing service.