hostess gift ideas from the new yorker


It’s not often that reading the New Yorker leads to a Shelterrific post, but last week’s “You Shouldn’t Have: Gifts to Bear for a Summer Weekend” by Patricia Marx was not only an amusing read, but also (despite its sardonic tone) quite useful. She waxes poetically on having to buy hostess gifts for friends who have summer houses, when you clearly do not. Among her suggestions are some great picks from museum shops, most of which have online shops, so luckily you don’t need to be a New Yorker to purchase them. From left to right: The Metropolitan Museum’s butterfly robe napkins, $13. MoMa’s collapsible colander, $65. The Cooper Hewitt Design Museum’s Donald Sultan playing cards, $25. And even though Ms. Marx has as strong aversion towards scented candles, we disagree and think that they’re great gifts. Our new favorites from Burn, have three wicks so they burn evenly for 100 hours, $55.

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