sweet treat: watermelon popsicles


A few weeks ago we picked up a set of Sip-A-Pop freezer molds, $4, and have been having fun pureeing and freezing every fruit in the house. First we used the left-over mint-and-blackberry concoction we had made for juleps. Then we tossed some watermelon into the blender and froze that (most recipes call for you to add sugar, but I don’t think it’s needed). These molds work fine, but honestly I’d rather find something smaller and more traditional, like maybe these Norpro Ice Pop makers, $13, or these from kitchenetc.com, $17. For the next batch, I’m thinking of trying out this recipe from New York mag, that’s for a watermelon and cucumber pop. Sounds refreshing, doesn’t it? How do you make popsicles at your house? I’d love to know. — Angela M.

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I like this recipe from Real Simple for raspberry pops, you could probably replace the corn syrup with honey, it is really just to cut the tartness of the raspberry: http://food.realsimple.com/realsimple/recipefinder.dyn?action=displayRecipe&recipe_id=1073843

But I remember when I was a kid, my mom would make us pops just with plain juice, like OJ and Apple Juice and we loved it just as much as the store bought.

Thanks for the link to the better Target popsicle molds. I bought those silly sippy ones there too because it’s all I could find. I tried to make chocolate ones, but they didn’t work very well. If you find a good chocolate pop recipe, please pass it on!

I have a killer sore throat (thank you to the evil Fiance for sharing the germs) and am drolling over these popsicles. I may have to send him out to buy some popsicles till I can get around to getting some molds. MMMM watermelon!

You can adapt my recipe for Watermelon Juice while Watermelon is still in season. It works well frozen… I’m not a fan of the Norpro pop makers though we have one – I still recall trying to get the plastic smell to go away before we used it. My son is a HUGE fan of watermelon ice pops :)
— Joanne

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After a few years being disatisfied with popcycles whos juice can be sucked out leaving just ice, I started experimenting. We weren’t health conscience then but discovered the wonderful effect of jello in a popcycle. Such full flavor with little to no dripping.

Now we used knox with a juice or purée.

Another recipe is buttermilk and orange juice with a pinch of sea salt and real maple syrup. While buttermilk sound gross, the orange juice balances it just right and it tastes like orange creamcycles. I use slightly more orange juice than buttermilk. Buttermilk has the powerful health benefits that yogurt does. We have these as smoothies for breakfast and freeze the rest. I got the recipe from http://www.heavenlyhomemakers.com

Interesting~ I got given a ton of fruit last week from a friend and decided to make juice out of it all – found some unique juice recipe here if you’re interested

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