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Thanks to everyone who gave such great tips for creating a fabric-covered bulletin board. I admit that I ended up taking my fabric scrap to Pearl Paint; they used foam core as the base and glued the material in back. Many thanks as well for recommending foam core—it’s incredibly easy to hang. My wall is brick, which requires a special drill bit, but the board is so light that I actually put it up with double-sided tape (!). And now for my next question/problem: The foam core is so thin that my push pins go all the way through (so I had to slide them in at an angle). Are there any good alternatives? Perhaps tacks? (Although it seems that tacks would be hard to remove.) —Bunny W.

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Erica P

I think using straight pins (especially the kind with the pretty colored little balls on the end) is a great alternative to push pins. I have a dress form in my apartment that I keep by my desk and use as my “bulletin board” and I use straight pins (entered on an angle) to post all my notes.


Why don’t you just glue another (slightly smaller so you can’t see it) piece of foam core to the back?

Or maybe cover it too before you stick it to the back, just incase you can see it.

Maybe add a layer of foam on the back or create some sort of box by adding foam core on each side. You can secure the sides by using tape and t-pins.

You could go fancy and use woods almost like you would create a canvas.

You can use tacks but make them cute. Here’s an idea http://underconstruction.clubmom.com/under_construction/2006/05/how_to_what_to_.html You can use photos and glass beads. I also saw on weewonderfuls.typepad.com a cool idea for using shrinky dinks to make pins extra cool.

I think the two layers of foam core idea previously mentioned might be easier.


What about upholstery tacks? Whey tend to be cute (with little notched designs or floral motifs in the tops) and they’re not very deep. Plus, the “tack” (or, rather, the non-point part) is thick enough that it’s easy to pry out.


I second the straight pins suggestion.
I have pearl backed ones (like a corsage pin) that I use to hang necklaces from in a jewelry case with a thin velvet back, you can easily put them in at a more acute angle than tacks.

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