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We were excited to find these vibrant city-scapes in our in-box the other day. They are Leora Lutz City Silhouettes, one-of- a-kind, acrylic paintings inspired by the Los Angeles skyline as the sun sets. At only $75 a pop, you can choose a variety of in different color combos (larger sizes available with custom orders). Each one is painted by hand and unique, signed and numbered by the artist. We would like to put in a request that Leora expand to some other cities as well, such as Minneapolis, Buffalo, Santa Fe and other places dear to our hearts. At

From our partners

thanks for noticing my work and posting it on your blog!
and for all you folks who love your home town more than my home town,
i have some patterns to work from for San Fransisco, Seattle and New York!

i hope to get those done by the end of summer.

you can always send a pic to Aunt Beep &
I’ll make your own personal – scape.