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I’ve been meaning to start a tea thread for ages and a recent discovery of the most delicious chai has finally motivated me. We are currently addicted Two Leaves and a Bud’s Mountain High Chai. The bags themselves are amazing little pyramids (above) that are lovely to behold and brew a richly aromatic tea. Sure, it’s a little pricey ($8 for 15 bags), but each one serves up two Pom-tea glasses worth of goodness. We’ve been drinking it iced with a splash of cappuccino-flavored soy milk. It sounds weird, but it tastes just like the fancy stuff those cafes serve for $3.50 a cup. Honest. What is your favorite tea for making iced? Please share! — Angela M.

Photo by Chad Hunt

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hmm, I love my grandmother’s good, strong Luzianne iced tea, but the kind I make most often is Numi Moroccan Mint.


Lipton’s Green Tea with Orange, Passionfruit and Jasmine makes excellent iced tea – am going to make some right now!


Spearmint from Adagio is perfectly refreshing iced!

I’m a devoted fan of Upton Tea. I order from them online -www.uptontea.com. They have an incredible selection. I don’t make iced tea, but my favorite of their teas for drinking hot is the ‘Lapsang Souchong Imperial.’ It’s a great smoky, strong tea. It was perfect when I decided to switch from coffee to tea in the mornings.

They do have a brief online article about iced tea – preparation tips and a list of suitable teas.

It’s a great company!

My current favorite iced tea is Adagio’s lemon tea. It’s kind of weird, because I don’t usually like lemon wedges in my iced tea, but somehow the dried lemon pieces involved in the actual brewing, make such a difference. Yummy. I think I’ll brew some up tomorrow.


I am a fan of Fasig’s coffee and tea. You can order their teas directly from their website, or through Amazon. The amaretto flavored tea is especially good.

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