you said: "I need a plunger that looks less like a plunger!"

We got an email from Betz the other day that said: “So I know it isn’t glamorous or even fun to discuss but I need to find a plunger that looks well less like a plunger sitting behind the loo. While I can find heaps of cool looking toilet brushes ‘undercover’, I have had no luck with this one… Any suggestions? My old plumbing requires it and my tiny bathrooms leaves no hiding spots so it has to be out in all its glory. Thanks!”

Oh yes, Betz, we have an answer to your seplace: Toilet Trees!

Now your bathroom can have a story to go along with it: Toilet Trees not only provides a spiffy fake plant to attractively hide your plunger, but they also work with the National Arbor Day Foundation to plant one tree with each purchase. Could this product be anymore feel-good? The plant leaves are plastic, but move flexibly so that you can redesign your plant to match the room with colorful flower additions from your local craft store. This ranks high as a potential holiday gift for friends with a sense of humor.

If you’re less adventurous — or would prefer to not have a plastic tree in your bathroom — this Good Grips plunger $20, is well-designed enough to do the trick. You won’t fool your guests, but most guests like to know where the plunger is anyway. — Arianne Cohen

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omg this is hilarious!


this might be for sinks only, but Alessi, the company that makes all things cute, has a Johnny the Diver plunger.

I am sad to report that this is the best post I’ve read in a while! I think I may need to get out more. But at least I’ll have a little lilt in my step when I know my dear plunger is back at home undercover!


that plunger looks like a horror.


i just ordered one. i am so excited!!!

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[…] it’s a common one we can all relate to. In fact, we answered a similar question last year in this post. At that time, we were pretty tickled by a spiffy fake plant plunger, called Toilet Trees, but that […]