what i’m collecting: wedgwood mini plates



I love me a little Wedgwood. Especially the blues and black. It’s because of Irene, my mum. I ‘ve always said, Hell hath no fury like a woman denied a spree in duty-free. My Mother’s Irish. She always always brought home a piece or three of Waterford, Beleek or Wedgwood when she returned from a visit to the “old country.” Over the years, the collection grew; enough where my oldest friend Monica will say in a fit of silence during a phone conversation: “Wedgwood.” That’s it, just Wedgwood. The little plates are my favorite. They look so cute stacked. They have astrological themes (I only have the crab), as well as great cameo reliefs. Someday I’ll hang them on a wall. I also have lots of Wedgwood jewelry. What can I say? I caught Irene’s anglo-centric flair, I honor it with aplomb. Right now I am sticking my tongue out at Monica. — Allison R.

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Psst – you’re collecting Wedgwood. It’s in the URL. No second “e” in it.
(I’m sure this will be deleted – the plates are darling though.) :)

Good to know both the correct and incorrect spellings for ebay seplacees, though, since it’s a really common error.


I second miranda. And it’s not an ‘error’ in ebay. A lot of plates actually say “wedgewood”, because they are trying to trade on the famous name, whilst not actually being made by wedgwood.

You have to be really careful that you are buying wedgwood infact, and not buy something that says, for instance, wedgwood & sons, because that isn’t real wedgwood either.

Not that it matters if you like it. You just have to make sure you’re not paying wedgwood prices.

When my grandmother passed I inherited her ENTIRE Wedgewood collection and it has been sitting in a box in my parents’ basement just waiting for the right moment to come out. This moment is not now of course in my tiny apartment in Brooklyn, but some day it can live in a house.

Although it isn’t specifically my taste..knowing that it was my grandmothers’ is reason enough to display it and pass it on.

I have a mini plate too and while I do not want to sell it, I do want to know how much it is worth. Any ideas where to go?
It is in great condition and has the stamp on the back.

doris ac donnell

I, like Rachel have two mini wedgwood plates, one is 3 3/4 and the other 2 7/8 “. Can you tell me anything about them. The largeris the tower bridge and the smaller 2 horse chariot and rider.


Hey I know this thread was posted a long time ago but I have two small wedgewood plates for sale if you’re interested. They’re not the colors you like, One’s pink and the other purple but they’re the first two in an anual Valentines Day collectors series from 1982 and 1983. Apparently they’re a limited edition (of only 20,000). If anyone’s interested I’ll send pics and we can talk prices. Thanks.


I have a set of blue mini plates in the shape of heart, spade, diamond and club (the deck of card design) . I want to know if its obsolete because I could not find them on any websites. I would like to know the price of the set.


I have one with a ship any one want to buy ?


I have two mini wedgwood plates if anyone is interested. They are both in ex cond; one from the zodiac collection (scorpio) the other may be Gemini or just two children. Both in blue and complete with wall hangers – very nice!