blogwatch: just in “time” clicks


Time magazine announced its 50 coolest websites of the year this week …. no, Shelterrific is not among them (an oversite, or perhaps rivalry with Newsweek’s Site’s That Define Cool?). But that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate some mass media love that was passed along to our pals in the blogosphere. Not Martha made the cut among a very bizarre grouping of sites (shopping, lifestyles and hobbies — a rather WIDE net there, don’t you think?). Yeah! Also in that same category, TreeHugger gets a little shout out, and so does one of our favorite shopping sites (when we’re not buying for our homes, it’s all about shoes), ShopIntuition. And lovely, drool-inducing Delicious Days appears as well. One new discovery from the list that is very Shelterrific (even though it’s in the Entertainment, Arts and Media category): A PBS site called Off the Map that lets you make your own backyard paradise. You get to play with Garden Gnomes (above)! Read Time’s story here, and let us know which of their list you like, and who you think they left out (besides, us, of course!).

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