book excerpt: photocraft's tissue box cover


Here’s a little craft project just in time for the fall allergy season. It’s from one of our favorite making-it books, Photocraft: Cool Things To Do With The Pictures You Love by Laura Lovett, Caroline Herter and Laurie Frankel. This clever tissue box features loose snapshots and is easy to make (above). All you need (more or less) are some photos, a half hour in Kinkos and a plain wooden tissue box. Click through to the next page for step-by-step instructions. Photocraft is available at, for $13.

Photo courtesy Laura Lovett

What you need to make this Tissue Box cover
Multiple loose photographs or prints
Craft knife
Cutting mat
Creative Imaginations Narratives Negative Strip in varying sizes
8 1/2 X 11 inch self-adhesive paper
Unfinished wooden tissue box

Step 1: The key is to organize photos in the negative strips in a somewhat random fashion. First, gather a group of related images (either loose or high resolution from your printer) and try different arrangements to see which compositions you like best. Go for variety. Use a combination of large, medium and small negative strips if you have them. For an interesting effect, let a larger photo sprawl across two or even three windows on one strip.

Step 2: Place self-adhesive paper into the manual feed of the copier. Layer three negative strips at a time (filled with your photos) on the glass tray and copy. For our box we printed three sheets of self adhesive paper with images, although we suggest that you make at least four sheets so you have plenty to chose from when you get home.

Step 3: To cover the box, cut up strips or stick the entire sheets of images. Arrange some strips or sheets horizontally, some vertically. Trim away any pieces that overhang the edges of the box or wrap them around to an adjacent side.

Step 4: Once the box is completely covered, apply sealer to all surfaces to protect it.

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I have this book and love it. Highly recommended!!