strangely appealing: mounted wolf head


The other week I discovered the new Sarah Cihat ceramics (thanks design*sponge) and have been thinking about this piece (above) ever since. She’s created a few of these Wolf Head sculptures, in black and white, both wall mounted and tabletop. I find them eerily beautiful and mildly ironic, like they belong on Little Red Riding Hood’s trophy wall. The single gold tooth gives it a slightly too-hip vibe (a wolf with a grill?). I don’t even know their price (mostly like, very high, since they’re available at Barneys in Sept) or how I would feel having one at home, but I am certainly considering it. I wonder how my jackalope would feel about sharing his space? What do you think of it? — Angela M.

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Man oh Man–That wolf head is spectacular — The whiteness, the gold teeth, stunning contrasts in textures and completely unprectictable
and original– I want one–


Honestly. I’m not a fan. It’s a little over the top for me. I’ve no idea where I’d put something like that in my house. Definitely belongs to a gallery.

laura k

i went to the site and I have to say I find the work really creepy.
What happened to “real life test kitchen”?

Angela M.

Hi Laura! Thanks for asking about the test kitchen!

We did one on August 9th and I’ll try to whip something for ya this weekend. Stay tuned!