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A few weeks ago I got email from Aunt Beep asking me to check out a new site called It just launched the other day and I spent some time exploring. The idea is a sort of massive tag-community for products, where people can set up profiles and then recommend things that they like. Contributing is super easy — I really like their interface. You can put little customized stickies on your favorites! The navigation is a bit difficult, and I’m not convinced that the tagging convention is the best way to find what you’re looking for. Still, I did stumble across a few things that I am definitely adding to my to-buy list, including this Indoor Pour-n-Store watering can and these colorful Skidless yoga towels. Also, surfing around will lead to some groovy blogs: Just Hungry has a dreamy ode to butter up, and at Design Llama you’ll find all sorts of colorful, quirky modern inventions. Like Robotan toilet paper holders. Log on over to and make a few recommendations of your own! — Angela M.

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laura k

I wrote in about “real life test kitchen”.
Thanks for answering Angela…I wondered if I can make a request?
I have a hard time cooking fish. I only like thick fish such as tuna and sea bass, any ideas?
Thank you!

I like This Next… soon will insert a post about it also in my blog : )

Thanks for taking the time to look around ThisNext, and for your thoughtful words and links…even I had missed Just Hungry!
I love your picks and have added you as one of my recommended members. :)