flea market find: owl glasses holder


I found this little guy in an antique store in Clayton, NY and I couldn’t resist giving him a new home. Owls, as you may recall, are tres chic at the moment — as are ceramic woodland creatures, so I see this as a double score. A perfect place to prop a pair of glasses, ready to aid computer-weary eyes. What could feel more appropriate for this back-to-school week! I found one similar at eBay, though he’s not quite as cute. Have you nabbed any flea market finds? I’d love hear about them! — Angela M.

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Without someone to tell me (or the owl holding a cute little sign that says “Let Me Wear Your Glasses” or something), I would never have known that was a glasses holder. Adorable!

I used to go to a consignment-based antique mall in Melbourne, FL. It wasn’t very large, and most of what was sold there was tableware and items of similar size. I got a bunch of great things there:
– a working Genie phone (which is like a cross between a Donut phone and a Princess phone)
– a box handbag covered with a checkerboard of bright calico scraps, delineated by rickrack (never fails to get compliments and purchase offers – whoever made it had great design sense)
– old, strange, cheap chess pieces (from formerly common “asian” and “alice in wonderland” sets in plastic or resin)
– a white latte mug, probably Italian, with a cool yet “naive” swing-era men’s fashion illustration and a wide mint-green stripe around the interior lip
– a sculptural ceramic bank, painted with blinding bright color highlights on a more natural ground, depicting a cute gypsy girl and her pet monkey… great retro style (looks early 60s, could be early 70s, don’t know)
– a gigantic wooden jewelry box with blue velvet lining and about a dozen drawers, that I’ve been meaning to refinish ever since
– a large shotglass that depicts stages of drinking (this much for a bunny, this much more for a lady, this much more for a gentleman, and full to the top for a “jackass”).

Probably a few things I’m forgetting, too – I used to spend a lot of time meandering around in that place. But these are the things that stick out.

Typically birds scare me to death, but this guy made me laugh! Perhaps birds with glasses aren’t so scary!?

Aw. man. Cutest thing ever! I want one. No, I *need* one!

OMG, I used to own that! It held my round-blue-lens hippy-granny sunglasses at the end of the ’70s. Very cool… Now, what did I ever do with that owl??? See, this is why I can’t possibly ever throw anything out.