is this the perfect dish rack?


Nowadays, people don’t have to give much thought to dish drying, thanks to the machines more than half of us have that do the job for us. Which may explain why, for the most part, not a lot of advancement has happened in the design of dish drying racks. Or at least that’s what I thought ’til a friend’s mom unveiled this beauty from Simple Human. Not only is it cleverly designed to drain water back into your sink, it expands and contracts to suit you and your countertop’s needs. It comes with a moveable extra-shelf for those big-night jobs, removable wine glass holders and even knife block to keep the pointy tips away from hands. But its price, $80 at Williams-Sonama, does make my little Ikea dish drainer, $12, and towel seem just dandy. What about you? How do dishes get dried in your house? — Angela M.

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Air dried on a plastic dish drainer. We do have those cotton towels to dry dishes with, but they are usually used to dry hands and clean spills. We don’t have much cabinet space, so dishes usually live in the drainer until we need them again.


Wow, I was so on my getting one till I saw the 80 dollar price tag. I am hoping Ikea or Target jump on something similar. Until then my metal one from Target will suffice.


After a long seplace last year I found the Extending Dish Turtle Dish Drainer by Casabella. At $30 it was a little more then I wanted to spend. But it was worth it.

We mostly use our dishwasher but for our hand wash only coffee maker and overflow dishes, we use this:
I love how it is translucent, blends in with our white countertops and it is not to big.


the problem I see with this dish drainer is that the space next to the plates is wasted if you wash the plates before you wash the bowls (specifically that blue one on the bottom!)

Kathleen’s dish drainer (it really does look like a turtle!)


We got the OXO dishdrainer
We needed a big one because we don’t have a dishwasher, and it seemed like the top of the line (I think it was $40-50, which seemed like way too much at the time, but I guess it’s nothing compared to simplehuman…) anyway, it’s good, but it’s still impossible to fit all the dishes from 2 meals worth of cooking and eating. So we have a small dish drainer that we put over the sink to hold the overflow. I don’t know how people manage with those tiny ones… don’t you have saucepans, etc. to wash?


i just moved from an apartment with a dishwasher to a house without… i bought another simple human dish rack and have been really happy with it so far:

the rack just fits into 1 side of our double sink, so we didn’t waste any counter space. and i think it was more like $30, which seemed reasonable.


at work (in a small office), we have that exact dishwasher from w-s. it is great. sure, it’s a bit pricey, but when you consider how much use it will get, i think it’s worth it.

(btw, in response to becky’s observation that the space next to the plates is wasted: that little rack on top can actually lift up, so you can still put bowls in that space.)

at home, whatever doesn’t go in the dishwasher, gets washed and then dried in a marc newson “dish doctor.” it doesn’t fit THAT much stuff, but it works perfectly given that we’re a household of two.


oops – in my previous comment – i meant: “we have that exact dish rack” (not dishwasher!)

Now that we have a dishwasher I just use a towell on the counter for overflow dishes. I’m glad to have my counter space back. Before that we used a cheap red one from Target.

It’s a thing of great style and beauty & I’d love one for my washing up fairy (Mr Brown) – but $US80 (about $106 Australian) is just to much for a drying rack. We’ll be sticking to the ancient wire rack we’ve had for 15 or so years a while longer I guess.


As it happens, I was just in BB&B outfitting the apartment whose lease I signed 7 days ago today, and I noticed this exact dishdrainer. The pricetag was $49.99, which was still to much for me, but alot nicer than $80. I got a much smaller one to suit my large sink but small counter space at target for $20 some odd. Just thought I’d share.

Here’s the one I use, I got it for 50 cents at a yardsale.

Dave B

I have a basic dishrack on the counter (I Hate it…the design isn’t practical)…and I have a dishwasher…which I usually use as a big dish rack…I do have to run it occassionally though as it can get smelly…(how does a dishwasher only loaded with clean dished get dirty???)..

Dave B

Oh…one other thing…I found the one mentioned above for only $69.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond…and I have to say I looked at in the store one time, and it looked very practical…I may get one after I move…no sense in buying one now when living arrangements are up in the air…

Harry M

It is probably the perfect dish rack -but you can buy exactly the same item (SimpleHuman) from Costco at less than half the eighty bucks you mentioned. I did!


They now carry it at Costco for $30. Nice price tag!

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