help! how should i display these vintage menus?


I’ve often credited my parents for my creative side but this weekend when I was visiting home in Boston I realized the creative streak runs even deeper. My parents decided to let me rummage through a closet of “stuff” they had cleared out of my grandparents’ house in Maine. I snagged some great prints and funny old photos but what I was really stoked to find was a set of menus from Paris circa 1965. (How sweet, jet set grandparents with an eye for good-design!) Having recently moved into a new apartment, I’m constantly looking for new décor ideas and I’m convinced these menus would look great on my kitchen wall (see below). Now my creative Shelterrific friends, here’s where you come in. I’m dying to get these displayed but I’m working on a tight budget. Any wallet-friendly ideas on where to start? I’d love to get them framed but I’m worried that custom framing could seriously set me back. — Erica P.


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Having just returned from the Open Galleries in SOWA (Boston South End) this weekend, had a chance to see everything from photos to antique posters and original artwork displayed. One grouping in particular had B&W photos mounted on 1/4″ foam backing with a bracket that had the photos “float” about 1″ off the wall. A clear Plexiglass frame with no borders finished off the effect and allowed the content of the photos to be displayed without any distractions from a more traditional framing approach. Very effective and inexpensive. The menus would look great presented this way.


It would not cost that much if you use a store-bought frame. You can cut your own mats, or buy those already made too. Any craft store would have the supplies to do that. Good luck, and post a pic when you finish them.


a floating frame ( would let you put them in matching sized frames without worrying about getting the correct sized matting for each.

Allison R.

I say laminate and make them placemats…..

I say color copy them and decopage them to the wall. If you rent, you can always use clip frames, really cheap at Ikea and other places. I frame everything in them and if you gather enough together they look cool, not cheap. Good score on the menus!

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