new obsession: airplants


Have you heard of airplants? They are epiphytes, a type of plant that doesn’t need soil to grow — it gets what it needs from air. Once a week, you soak the plant in water for about an hour or so. It couldn’t be simpler! I first discovered them at a flea market upstate, and I kept one perched ontop of my computer for about six months before it expired (I think I overwatered it). I recently bought a few from a site called It took a while (ten days or so) for them to arrive, but once they did I was delighted to open the cardboard box and find these gems sitting inside. For the moment I have them on display in my office, in various vessels that happened to be around. I’d like to find a few more holders like the white elephant, because I think they need room to spread their leaves, not be contained in a jar (though it looks cool!). The kind I ordered are a Bulbosa (my favorite because it looks like an alien creature) Junicea and three small Ionatha. They cost between $2.50 to $50 per plant. Enjoy! — Angela M.

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[…] an airplant. I caught a posting on Shelterrific about them, and fell in love. They only need an hour of soaking a week, and they’re plain adorable. I got one to start, and might jsut fill a terrarium with them soon! Share and Enjoy:These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

I love air plants- they are such futuristic coolness

laura k

I love them in glass so the entire plant is visable.

These are great! So beautiful and sculptural. Does anyone know if they are poisonous to cats?

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[…] Epiphytes are plants that can survive above ground and do not rely on soil to gain nutrients but rather absorb what they need through their leaves. Shelteriffic introduced us to these airplants and they are the perfect foliage for those who can’t grow anything. […]

jubilant cerise

I remember seeing these around in the late 80’s when I was a kid. They were in the flower stops, mounted into sea shells that had magnets on them so you could put them on the fridge.

I have never seen these before, they look like fun. I also love that Elephant vase.

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[…] Shelterrific has some of the coolest plants I have ever seen. They are called air plants and they are unique because they do not need soil to grow. Just soak them once a week in water and watch them grow. They almost look like space plants. They can be purchased […]


Which plant is which in the picture? I’d love to order one but it’s hard to tell what the different varieties look like on the website


My epiphyte is planted in a snail shell. I have to admit I haven’t watered it since I got it (5 months ago) and it still looks the same as it did when I bought it. I didn’t know they needed water. Oopsy.