a water bottle with (too much) attitude?


We’ve spotted a new beverage emerging… Well, it’s not a new beverage. It’s just water. But the bottle it comes in (above) sure looks new. Meet Fred, a new brand of H2O that seems to be slowly unveiling itself around New York City. All we know about Fred is what its website thefredspot.com, tells us, which ain’t much: It has a mandatory myspace profile, a bogus man-behind-the-water and of course, Fred made an appearance at Fashion Week. Though all this planned viral marketing makes us highly suspcious, we will say this: the flask-shaped bottle is rather genius. It’s much easier to shove into our bags than the everyday round variety. If Fred’s spin doctors are reading this (and we bet you are) here’s a tip: Make a Fred Junior. It’d be even better in a smaller size.

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Too much attitude..? HEc it made me drink more n more water with bottle like that…lol

You know what would be even more convenient and awesome? A reusable water bottle. Now THAT’S chic.