checkin' out victoria hagan at target



We were so excited to be snatching up Target’s Paul and Joe Go International line (and getting ready for the next one with designer Behnaz Sarafpour in October) that we almost overlooked interior decorator Victoria Hagan’s new Perfect Pieces for Target. Though her sharp eye is normally only available to her upper east side Manhattan clientelle, this batch is amazingly affordable but somehow, rich looking. Here are six of our picks from the bunch:

From left to right, top.
Ashley Vase, $15; Crossback chair, $120; Equestrian pillow, $30

Second row, left to right:
Belle Votive $8; Ava Faux Stingray Clock, $20; Large Medallion Pillow, $30

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Wow, is that cross back chair a STEAL or what?! Wonder how good their quality is in real life. Do you know?