try this at home: lace paintings



What to do with small amounts of leftover paint when you finish a room? You can give any wall a bit of texture with a lace painting, a simple graphic treatment that anyone can do. Buy some pre-stretched canvases at Michael’s or other craft supply stores, and paint them the same color as your wall. Then, take a piece of old lace, like a table cloth or a doily, and lay it on top (after paint as dryed, of course). Get a bottle of spray paint in a complimentary color (metallics like gold and silver always look great, so does black) and spray on top. When it as dried a bit, peel off the lace and voila. A simple pattern remains. It’s also a great way to test a color before you paint a whole room. Use sample sizes and have fun.

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wow. talk about a great idea! I love how easy you’ve made this sound. I think the challenging part will be finding a piece of lace that’s cool ;)

GREAT idea!

i’ve definately decided to do this. i’m going to put two layers of lace print. one apple green, one cream-coloured.


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Cherie earle

Love this ..can’t wait to try it…thank you…