makes ya wanna decorate the garage




Reader Elizabeth sent us this great tip the other day: The Vault at She wrote: “I’m renovating my home and completely forgot about the garage until I found this site… I might even use some of the cabinetry in my laundry room…in orange!!!” We took a peek and were totally impressed. They offer a range of cabinets in bright colors or stainless steel (like the red ones above). You can choose the drawer combination from one to seven. We like the look of them so much, putting them in garage (if we had one, sigh) would almost be a crime! They would be great in a laundry room, or even an office. They also offer a flooring system, Garazzo, that lays over concrete and is completely easy to clean and maintain. Visit this link to download a flooring catalog, or this one for more info on the cabinets. Thanks, Elizabeth!

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Tara Gollish

I too was struck spoke by clean lines of their design. We are in the middle of remodeling our kitchen and have been looking for a contemporary design in metal, but without much success. My husband and I have decided to furnish our kitchen in an untraditional manner without fixed cabinets, but through furniture, so the Vault design not only caught our eye, but their practicality also appeal to us in that we can take them with us if we ever sell our home. If anyone is aware of similar cabinet makers to Vault please leave a reply. Our home is located in Toronoto. Thank you.