martha stewart's homekeeping handbook

Useful things you can do with it (without reading a word).

We were so excited to get a copy of Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook the other day. But weighing in at 4lbs with 744 pages, we found it a little intimidating. Though we’re sure we’ll be gleaning tons of much-needed housekeeping tips from it in the future, we came up with a few ways to put it to work around the house immediately.
First gave us the extra two inches we needed to straighten a photo in the hallway.

Then we used to prop open our bedroom window to get a fresh breeze.

And, since our computer screen needed a bit of a boost, and Martha’s Homekeeping Handbook is just the right height, we thought it could live here for the time being.

How would you put Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook to good use? Leave a suggestion or send us an email and we’ll try to post it! Gold stars for those who submit ideas with JPGS! Pick up a copy of the book at amazon for $27.

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I prefer Home Comforts by Cheryl Mendelson. If you’re going to keep a homekeeping book around that’s the thickness of a phone book, that’s the one to have. She’ll give Martha a run for her money in the anal department, though Martha’s book probably has nice photos instead of pencil illustrations.

HYSTERICAL! I dont have one as yet but when i do shell out the 27 bucks that martha needs so badly needs, i think i will use it to hit any one on the head who suggests i use it

ps just what color is that fabulous nail polish

Beth J.

How about a time-out stool for my naughty toddler? Or — another option — leaf-pressings from the wonderful fall leaves we collected in Riverside Park yesterday. Oh, and my mom’s dryer sometimes bounces around when the weight is off-balance; she could use Martha to keep it still!

I went to borders to get and leafed through it only to be disappointed. I pouted. It’s everything from her magazine…nothing more. Nothing really exciting.

You could hurl it at intruders or place it carefully on the floor to trip up unsuspecting spouses, returning home late after one or two too many drinkies.

As Mer alludes….

I would probably hold it up to my copy of “Home Comforts” and see how it compares in dimensions, since it’s so obviously trying to be the exact. same. thing.

(Hey, Martha! I already have that book.)

Seriously, though, I’d probably look through it once or twice just to see if it has anything I’ve missed. At which point it would make a splendid bookend/flower-press, among other things… if I could actually bring myself to treat a book that way.


In college I used my organic chemistry text as a doorstop (after I finished the class). I think Martha could work pretty nicely in this capacity.

I’ve also, in moments of desperation, used the same textbook as a makeshift hammer. It really packs a wallop.

Martha-esque: to make graham cracker crumbs, put graham crackers in a ziploc baggie and then beat the living heck out of them with the book. But you’d have to cover the book with delightful victorian wallpaper samples first.

Sounds like you need to get a copy of Home Comforts by Cheryl Mendelson. Then, you can use both books as bookends!


I borrowed a copy from the library and from the moment I started reading, I was scribbling notes, envisioning a cleaner, greener house and happy guests in the perfect guestroom. Its so long (and inclusive) I needed to renew..even after 3 weeks! I carried into the library, browsed the shelves, got some others books, and retuned some magazines. I actually forgot to renew it but my arms got a good workout carrying it around for 15 minutes!

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