real life test kitchen: jamie oliver's apple pie

(Great for Holidays ’06!)


Apple pie is one of those things I never thought I would make myself. It seemed like something that would require a great deal of skill and patience, not to mention equipment — none of which I have! But then a couple of years ago I stumbled across Jamie Oliver’s Apple Pie recipe. It’s one of his “top ten” favourites in this book Jamie’s Dinners. I don’t know if it was the lovely photo or the casual way the recipe was written, but it seemed like something I could handle with my limited baking skills — and it was! I have since made it three or four times. The secret to the recipe is lemon rind — added to both the crust and apples, which you saute on the stove for a bit with brown sugar and cranberries. Also, because it is “rustic” style, the crust doesn’t have to be perfect. Just patch up those holes. I think it’d be an amazing Thanksgiving dinner dessert. Click here for the complete recipe. — Angela M.

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Is it lemony at all? I’m always hesitant to try recipes that call for lemon or lemon zest because I don’t like a lemony/citrusy flavor. But it looks and sounds DELICIOUS!

Angela M.

You can definitely notice the lemon, but it’s subtle. It makes the pie taste… light? I’m sure you could use a bit less if it’s not your thing!

It looks great! I spend Thanksgiving out in the country at my fiance’s uncle’s house, with about a gazillion people, many of whom are farmers. I don’t know if I could take an apple pie – it would only feed maybe 1/5 of the people who are there. I usually take slightly spicy fudge (added cinnamon and a tiny bit of chile powder) or walnut brownies. Might try the pie for the more private Xmas celebration, though, which is for fewer than 8 people.

I checked “Jamie’s Dinners” out of the library, but never did get around to making anything from it. Reacquainting myself, right now, with HT Cook Everything, The New Best Recipe, and our old Pillsbury Family Cookbook, which we used as the basis for delicious maple-braised pork chops this past week. :)

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This has to be one of the easiest apple pies to make. What is great about Jamie’s recipes is the flexibility…. You can substitute cranberries with your favorite dried fruit. I also soak the dried fruit to plump them up, and use whiskey! I have used wheat and gluten free flour for celiac friends, and it still tastes amazing. I use Baileys instead of the milk for creaminess. Seriously easy cooking, and the house smells amazing during the baking! You will never buy store bought apple pie again. One thing… NEVER forget the lemon, it absolutely lifts the pastry to a new level.


Did you use dried cranberries then? Where can I find those?

Angela M.

I did use dried cranberries. I find them in the nut and bulk aisles of the supermarket. Usually where you find raisins or other dried fruit. Good luck!