make your own mod cuckoo clock

In our seplace for the best gifts for your rooms, we couldn’t help noticing that the cuckoo clock trend is still going strong. Before your lay down some money to buy one, consider making one yourself. It’s easy and much more satisfying. Here’s a post from the archives worth looking at again


After spotting a few chic cuckoo clocks in design magazines, like this one by Pascal Tarabay, I decided to whip up a similarly inspired birdy with a little intuition. First, I hunted down a simple wooden one on Ebay (for about $18) and set about making it into an objet d’art. Here’s how: I covered the dial with masking tape and sprayed the entire clock with silver spray paint, which I purchased at my local hardware store. Once dry, I removed the tape and painted the face with acrylic enamel in a complementary color (I used Liquitex brand paint in Bright Blue). After the face had dried completely, I finished by painting the raised numerals and hands white to make them pop. — Erica P.

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well, isn’t that just the cutest idea…and so handy, too! great post! thanks!


It looks amazing! I do love *anything* sprayed silver, but this really is cute.

I just found the site last night. I’m so happy that the “Budget Living” crew is continuing. Good luck!

Taking something old and making it new! Love the idea and the fact that you didn’t go out and spend a bajillion dollars to have a designer one!

Now, when my mother-in-law starts breaking down her massive Coo Coo clock collection, I know just what to do with it . . . ;)


wow! what a great idea. something like that would look awesome in my living room! i found out about your blog from the wee wonderfuls blog. both are great beyond belief! so happy to have found you!

LOVE this!! It’d look great in my dining room which is inspired by Tiffany. It just looks so chic!

I also found you thanks to Wee. I love finding a good blog.

Erica P., you’re my hero. That clock is time-tastic! xo, Vic


I spray painted a $3 estate sale frame last year to frame my $.50 bird/flower print (faux-Audubon). I was going to put it in the bathroom, but it looked so good, I moved it to hte living room.

The cuckoo in that clock has gone from depressed and blue to happy as a lark. Wouldn’t you?

Looks fab! But how did you paint the numerals so precisely?

erica p.

Hi Maryam In Marrakech,

I just used a tiny little paintbrush, and very slowly, I painted over the raised numerals with white paint. It wasn’t hard, you just have to be patient.