but will the cat really prefer this to the couch?


I was checking out the goods on Spring3d the other day and stumbled upon this fantastic cat mat! Spring3d is design collective that recently launched an online store. Sitting among the trendy items (like suckUK’s gun vase and Harry Allen’s pig bank) is this treat, the cat mat by elastico, $75.00. Now, I know it will look good in our living room (which features a BoConcept couch made from similar gray wool felt) but the question is: Will our cat really choose to recline on the mat as opposed to the sofa? Something tells me no. — Angela M.

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A cat will only use something if you forbid it’s use, so put down the rug and chase the cat off everytime it approaches the rug. It will become a battle of wills and we all know who wins those!

A corrollary to dancingmorganmouse’s cat rule is that the more expensive an item bought for the cat is, the less likely they are to use it. And the more expensive a furniture item is that you expressly wish for the cat to leave alone, the more likely they are to scratch at it.

This has proven to be true with my sofa and the play tower (or kitty castle, the kind as tall as me, covered with carpeting and places to sit/hide) I once bought for my cat. He was completely terrified of the $200 item bought just for him, but he loves scratching tables and sofas.

PS we returned the play tower to the store.