kinda genius: daysago digital day counter


How do you tell if a half-used jar of tomato sauce in your fridge is still good? If you’re like us, you just open it up and take a deep whiff. But this little gadget could take the guessing (and unpleasant sniffing) out of the equation! We just read about it in the NYTimes House & Home section: Daysago. Stick it on your food jar or box or whatever (it has a suction cup on the back) and press the button to activate the days-counter. Presto! Click here to buy, two for $10, and they come in four different colors, too.

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happy holidays!
coincidentally, i found this on wists + posted it the same day too.
great minds post alike…

I use a magic/sharpie marker to write the date I opened something on the lid of the jar. This is cute and a little more elegant, but think how many jars you can label for the $2 the marker costs. Nobody is looking in my fridge for style points! (though I do usually have some interesting foods in there.)