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We found Basic French while visiting our favorite foodie site, Chocolate & Zucchini and immediately felt a strong desire to go to Paris. Alas, we’ll have to settle for the next best thing, bringing touch of the City of Lights to our homes. This site provides a lovely selection of French products from home accessories (like colorful face towels) to the practical (Mir Dish Detergent, $12 and Polka Dot Sponges, $3). Other things we loved: the cheery Bon Noelle banner, $15 and too-cute Daisy Dog sweater. Oui oui oui.

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rebecca b

Can I be a tiny dork and bask in the fact that they use a bichon to model that sweater? I have a bichon and he is the best! Also, he would love Paris.


I love basic french. They always have the coolest stuff and they get new things all the time. I have found a lot of great bargains in their sale section too. Check it out!

That bichon is too cute!!!!!

I love Sophie the Giraffe – a wee squeaky rubber giraffe that is apparently a childhood icon, and that they sell there.

Most of the housewares I saw on the site the last time I was there weren’t anything I couldn’t find equivalents for locally (sometimes also French-made, sometimes not). So – I would go for the items with some kind of iconic style to them.

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[…] Just the other week, we wrote about a site discovery we were psyched about, Basic French, a lovely online store that makes us feel like a trip to Paree. Well, a few days ago, Chad and I were walking up Main Street in Red Hook, a small town on the Hudson River, and lo and behold, there was a store called Basic French. Sure enough, it’s one and the same! Quel chance! Carol Neiley, the owner, wasn’t in, but we poked around and saw even more chicness than what’s on the site. Miraculously, I managed to not spend too much. Just bought one candle by Gellis Dewarin, $28. (Thé Noir, a fresh blend of green tea and lime. Ahhhh. I highly recommend it.) — Angela M. […]